Why Exhibit?

Exhibit to drive future growth

Exhibit for awareness

The top reason why businesses exhibit at trade shows is to raise the awareness of their company and brand. They build their brand, create awareness of their products, and improve the name recognition of their company. Raising awareness is even more important for new companies, new exhibitors, or companies entering new geographical or vertical markets.

Exhibit for leads

Fill my pipeline! Exhibit to get leads from new buyers and prospects. Exhibitors can qualify the leads right at the show and move them farther down the buying cycle. Trade shows are a major method for lead generation for business-to-business companies.

Exhibit to build partnerships

Exhibit to create and or strengthen industry relationships or partnerships. Trade shows are where an industry gathers, and it’s often the best time to forge and renew alliances with partners, not just interact with buyers. Trade shows add significant value beyond their value in reaching clients and prospects.

Exhibit to see current clients

Of course it is very valuable to see your buyers face-to-face. Trade shows give exhibitors the opportunity to get face time with busy clients. Their trade show display creates the opportunity to reveal new products, cross-sell and up-sell clients on other products, and make sure that their relationship is good.

Exhibit to network with industry colleagues and vendors

Beyond partners and clients, exhibitors also like to see their industry colleagues and vendors. It’s a great time to catch up and find out the buzz and pulse of the industry – what are the major issues, what are the hot new products, what companies have been doing well or poorly. It also offers a chance to build up and strengthen one's network.

Exhibit because of competition

Exhibit at trade shows because the competition is there. Protect existing client relationships, and do not be left out when attendees are looking for new solutions. However, this is a defensive reason to exhibit.

Exhibit to see many buyers at one time

Exhibit because it allows one to see many buyers at one place at one time. It would take many months of direct sales to equal the number of buyers one can meet with while exhibiting at a trade show.

Technology alone cannot complete the circle

Human connection is still a key element for building authenticity and trust.

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