ITI – The In Transformation Initiative

The In Transformation Initiative was established in 2013 by four veterans of the South African transition to democracy. Our founding Directors played key roles in the strategy, discussions, and negotiations that ended apartheid and transformed South Africa into an international model of peace and hope.

Their direct involvement in this process, and the lessons learned from this experience, enabled each individual to develop a unique set of skills that are valued around the globe. Each of our four Directors now has more than 20 years of experience in conflict resolution, democracy building, and political transition.

The In Transformation Initiative team has been called upon by governments, international organisations, and individuals throughout the world to support and advise the creation of peaceful and lasting solutions. Over the years, we have assisted in Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Cyprus, Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Spain (in the Basque region), Bahrain, and India (on the Naga question), to name but a few.

We also continue to engage academics and political actors in South Africa and beyond to advance the cause of democracy and to help build inclusive and cohesive societies

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E-Mail: ivor@intransformation.org.za
Web: Intransformation.org.za

26 Duiker Crescent
South Africa

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