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Agriculture giant AFGRI supported the launch and staging of a much needed tech conference, Africa Agri Tech

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"Africa Agri Tech 2020 assists in furthering the understanding that agriculture is much more than the crop cycle, it includes a whole industry and all the technology that surrounds that industry is showcase at AAT.

 Technology is unbelievably important in agriculture. We all know that we have limited resources. We all know that there will be food scarcity within our lifetimes, and I think it is important for us to know where we can enhance production. This is exactly what we’re trying to showcase at AAT – how do we make sure that we farm better with fewer resources.

 I think it is important that we have events such as AAT to showcase innovation and technology and ensure that farmers have access to it. It is also important for ag businesses such as ourselves to take innovation to farmers to ensure their sustainability which in turn will make us sustainable.

 AFGRI invests in events such as this as it’s important for us to share that we have a very diverse industry with the people and role players that we have.

We are also acutely aware that this industry, apart from feeding the nation, is also the one industry that can really contribute towards relieving poverty – this is where we want to take this message to the world. Agriculture is an industry that can make a long-term sustainable difference in our country and in the lives of our people." 

 Jacob de Villiers, Chief Executive Officer, AFGRI

 At the launch of the 2020 Africa Agri Tech event outgoing AFGRI Group CEO, Chris Venter, expressed his delight in partnering with the event.

“We believe that technology and digitalisation will become ever more important. The changes it has affected in everyday lives in terms of markets and production continuously take new shape, almost daily.

We feel that an expo of this nature, focusing on advancements in science and technology, and where discussion can take place, is long overdue and most relevant. We are not merely watching how markets get disrupted, we want to be part of the disruption to bring new innovations to our industry and our clients alike.”

As a group AFGRI has already demonstrated their commitment to assisting farmers and agribusinesses navigate the changes that they will face in the future through AFGRI Technology Services that brings together the greatest minds, technology and products to build solutions for the future of food and agriculture.

Through AFGRI Equipment the group is at the helm of the single largest John Deere franchise in Africa supplying mechanised equipment tailored to meet the needs of the farmer.

The company is committed to ensuring sustainable agriculture and food security. With a heritage of more than 90 years in the grain and agriculture business AFGRI provides services across the entire grain production and storage cycle. In addition, the group provides financial support and solutions as well as inputs and hi-tech equipment all of which is supported by a large retail footprint. AFGRI is dedicated to unlocking agricultural potential, not only in South Africa but across Africa and its support of Africa Agri Tech demonstrates the group's commitment to developing farmers and agriculture in Southern Africa.

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